Hiro Ando is a Japanese artist celebrated for his unique sculptural work that is not quite like anything else currently on the market. This multidisciplinary artist creates artworks that facilitate a special conjunction of the old and new. Ando mostly does this by relying on the traditional maneki-neko, standing for “lucky cat” within the Japanese mass culture, a motif Hiro constructs in figures of various forms, such as those of samurai, sumo wrestlers or robots.

From art galeries to MUSEUMS 

Hiro Ando is an internationally appreciated pioneer in the japanese neo-pop art. 
In the last decade the artist dedicated himself with numerous public installations with his infamous cats in Porto Montenegro, Paris, etc.
With recent viewings in collections as the Israel Museum of Jerusalem, he confirms his notoriety again.


SamuraiCat - Hiro Ando, at the Israel Museum of Jerusalem

Mixing tradition with contemporary  

Fueled by endless happenings and rich diversity only a world-class metropolis like Tokyo can offer.
The multidisciplinary artist shows great skill and intelligence by taking Japan's oldest traditions through his imagination.
He tells us a new story about his country's ancestors. A positive, colourful new way of seeing the world. 


DJ-superstar and art collector Steve Aoki with his SamuraiCat

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His auction results are out of this world

Represented by some of the top contemporary fine art galleries in the world, in the last three years the artist have sold numberous times over upon it’s estimated value. 

PANDASAN, Hiro Ando's critically acclaimed concept available at Galerie Sept

SATOMI available at Galerie Sept

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