Belgian, b. 1970, Vielsam, Belgium I based in Liège, Belgium

"...Mixing childhood nostalgia and technological gigantism, he is the designer of a retro-futuristic universe inspired by his childhood lived in the family toy store of Vielsam..."

"...The originality of his work lies in the very principle of its content - it highlights a spontaneous work, inspired by the utopias of Panamarenko, testifying to a purely creative imagination..."

"..In the midst of these objects, Go's highly poetic imaginary, composed of plastic materials, intertwines, forming a sort of electrified planet, of intergalactic objects..."


Lucien Rama

Art critic

AIAP Unesco



Rollebeekstraat 27 - 1000 Brussel

+32 (0) 2 469 06 90

Rue de Rollebeek 27 - 1000 Bruxelles