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Rue de Rollebeek 27 1000 Bruxelles Belgium

French, b.1981 Paris, France I based in San Diego CA, United-States

A question or an issue we all spent time on somewhere in a lifetime. Some of us buy groceries and some us will save it for later. 
Karl Lagasse responded completely differently. 
One Dollar is a reflection of what is possible to do with a Dollar, the message it conveys (In God We Trust) and the symbol of power that it represents. This work is declined in several sizes, shapes, materials and colors.

  • 2009: Artprice ranks Karl Lagasse among the ten best sculptors in the world under 30.

  • 2011: According to a study published in the magazine MoneyWeek on the 10 most-rated French artists under 30, Karl Lagasse is ranked 5th.

  • 2012: The New York publication "Farameh" lists him among the fifty best contemporary artists who draw their inspiration from traditional American icons in his book "For Which It Stands: Americana in Contemporary Art".

  • 2016: At the Art Paris Art Fair at the Grand Palais, the President personally congratulates Karl Lagasse for the success of his One Dollar.

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