Korean pigments on Hanji paper - unique
120 x 160 x 3 cm

financial renting
Galerie Sept offers you the opportunity to acquire the works for your collection through financial renting. Renting is an alternative way of financing the acquisitions of business leaders or self-employed workers. It is as interesting for reinforcing the image of your company as for optimizing your economic model.

mixed media on canvas and plexiglas -
120 x 120 x 7 cm

It boosts creativity and reduces stress levels; providing an aesthetically pleasing environment in the office has more benefits than you would initially think. Explore exciting artworks to brighten up your workspace and boost employee morale.Renting allows you to spread your acquisition for a period over 13 to 48 months. Rents are operating expenses.

Starting at € 5000
What's that?
In the first place, we often use the term rental for works of art, but in fact we use a financial lease (where no purchase option is built into the contract). The work rented for a certain period (12 to 48 months) becomes an element of decoration whose charge is deductible at 100% of your taxable profit (within the framework of the furnishing and the decoration of professional premises).

An expense deductible in the same way as a professional expense, such as the rental of a photocopier, plants to decorate the premises, or furniture, etc. This rental price of one or more decorative elements is therefore very easily integrated into the classic grid of accounts (without specific accounting integration).

The important thing is that there is no specific integration because it is a work of art. This arrangement avoids all the cumbersome and inconvenient of adding a work of art into the capital of a company (traditional purchase by own funds).

You will be able to deduct the rent in full, while giving your business a dynamic image by using art for institutional and internal communication!

A purchase option for a residual value of 3% of the financed amount can be exercised.

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Simulation on € 10 000
Simulation on € 20 000
Simulation on € 60 000

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