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Korean, b. 1972, Seoul, South-Korea I based in Paris, France


Blurring the line between Korean culture and fine arts. 

Famed for her iconic paths, Hyun Joung Lee’s work reflects her childhood memories in South Korea, her studies in fine arts at Sejong University in Seoul, and her goldsmith training in Paris. She developed her own artistic language and techniques while working with traditional Korean materials.

out of the ordinary

It emphasizes the reliefs of this new material with Korean black ink, MUK and Korean pigments. Some of her works are enriched by the know-how that she has acquired in the world of goldsmith and jewelry.
She doesn't want to be remembered for her technique, but for what's hidden behind her works, which she sees as life paths.

deeper meaning

Just as a scent can bring back memories of a certain moment, so Lee’s paintings, which she calls paths, can awaken the history buried in each of us, and involve us in a personal and spiritual journey. Each line is seen as a day, or an instant we have already lived through or that we are still living in. 

The way we are perceiving Lee’s paintings depends on our own inner world and imagination. Therefore, one can look at them without getting tired of looking.



2018 Fondation Taylor, Paris 9eme, France
2018 Galerie Entre Deux, Millau, France
2018 Galerie ArtsKoco, Luxembourg
2018 Galerie Plexus, Montreux, Suisse
2017 Galerie Montparnasse Ville de Paris, Paris, France
2012  Gallery B, Paris, France
2011 Gallery 89, Paris, France
2009 Gallery 5 etoiles, Paris, France
2008  Jardin secret, haut clasé Gallery, Seoul, Corée du sud
2007  Ricochet, K.C.P.F. Gallery, Séoul, Corée du Sud
2006 Sans titre, Art for Life, Séoul, Corée du Sud
2005 Rétrospective, Paris, France
2005 Dans mon jardin, Art for Life, Séoul, Corée du Sud
2004 Objet et ses souvenirs, Korean Craft Promotion Foundation Gallery, Séoul, Corée du Sud
2004 Migration de l’âme, Paris, France
2004 Korean Craft Promotion Foundation Gallery, Seoul, Corée du sud
2002  Objet et ses souvenirs, Esprit Buissonnier, Paris, France
2000 Voyage de Tahiti, Maison de Tahiti, Paris, France


2018 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, Chine
2018 Frame Art fair, Basel, Suisse
2018 Art3F Art Fair, Luxembourg
2018 Art Capital, Exposition Grand Palais, Paris, France
2017 MAG salon d’art contemporain, Montreux, Suisse
2017 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, Chine
2017 Canton Art Fair, Guangzhou, Chine
2017 Art Capital – Grand palais Paris, Prix de Taylor
2016 Art 3f Montpellier, France
2016 Shanghai Art fair, Shanghai, Chine
2016 Changzhou Art fair, Changzhou, Chine
2015 Salon Art en capital – Exposition Grand Palais, Paris, France
2015 Art Shopping, Salon de Peinture – Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, France
2014 Art Shopping, Salon de Peinture – Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, France
2013 Reflet – Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
2010  Survival Kit Exposition, Gallery AG, Seoul, Corée du sud
2010 Art en Capital, Exposition, Grand Palais, Paris, France
2009 꽃꽃꽃 Exposition, Choi boko Gallery, Deagoo chungdo, Corée du sud
2008  Noir & Blanc Association Pêle-Mêle, Strasbourg, France
2003  Expo Groupe ARCANES, San Sebastian, Espagne
2003 Jardin Groupe ARCANES, Paris, France
2001  Emballage Groupe ARCANES, Paris, France
2000  Les Mains d’Arcanes Groupe ARCANES, Paris, France

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