EDJI Gallery was founded in 2022 by Edward Van Houtte and Ranji Safarian, two Sotheby's Institute of Art alumni, with an exhibition program seeking to break to codes of the traditional art market; a new generation art gallery championing ultra-contemporary artists, with a strong digital presence and accessible to all.

In 2023, after six months of nomadic exhibitions across Europe, the couple decide to establish its base in Brussels and open their first permanent space at 15 rue du Page, in the heart of Ixelles.


Modern societies are melting pots of intertwined and unique individuals and we wish to reflect this through our programming. Here at EDJI we believe art can change mentalities and make societies more inclusive which is why we exhibit art that questions our current moral compass. We champion artists of all gender, race & sexuality in order to be the best representation of our current society.
EDJI aspires to promote art with a purpose and therefore will be supporting various initiatives throughout their program. For each exhibition, the gallery and collaborative artist(s) will choose one association to which they will be donating a portion of their proceeds.


EDJI Gallery has been created to bring the fringes to the mainstream, seeking out the most exciting diverse art talent from the ultra- contemporary art scene and putting it center stage with exhibitions in Brussels, city often considered as the epicentre of contemporary art in Europe, and via its online platform.

EDJI was founded in 2022 by passionate art lovers and collectors, Ranji Safarian and Edward van Houtte. Graduates from Sotheby's Institute of Art, the duo bring their diverse experiences in art, fashion, food and e- commerce for a truly original perspective on curation today.
EDJI adds new perspectives and fresh ideas to the international gallery scene, representing artists who are reflective of life for a newgeneration.


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The artists we work with are a direct reflection of the values we uphold at EDJI Gallery. Having a fair and realistic representation of our diverse society is crucial to us, which is why we're dedicated in supporting artists of all gender, race & sexuality.
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For Geronimo aka Jumping Bull, life has been a roller-coaster journey through places, lifestyles and identities. Mother Russian, father Sioux. From disaffected youth to one of the foremost Rock Artists of his generation. Friend of the famous.Present success built on an extraordinary past.Growing up on a North Dakota reservation, the country of his ancestors, he absorbed his father’s tribal culture - lessons learned and still remembered - until the modern world beckoned.Then trouble. Led by his own anger to a young offenders’ institution, where for the first time he awoke to the power not of his body but of his mind, and a thirst for knowledge began – "with no television, every day I read and learned”.