British, b. 1960, London, U.K. I based in London, U.K.

After studying fine art, Vincent Poole’s focus moved towards graphic design and art direction which led him to a successful 10 year career as an art director in leading London advertising agencies. The experience gained during this period has been a powerful influence on his work over the last 8 years. Strong, dynamic, typographical and iconic images, sourced and influenced from advertising and branding, now feature strongly in all Vincent’s collages. His signature work combines graphics and fine art, as people, brands, objects and marketing materials are linked with specific London locations; from City professionals in EC4, to streetwalkers in Kings Cross to south London wide boys. Vincent’s collages are printed on to materials that diffuse light emphasising the vibrant surface colours whilst creating coloured shadows. Other collages mix black and white photography with backlit coloured Perspex backgrounds. Vincent’s work is highly regarded and has been acquired by numerous international corporate, public and private collections.



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