Antonio Signorini

Born in 1971 in Pisa, Italy - lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Antonio Signorini

Born in 1971 in Pisa, Italy - lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Antonio Signorini's artistic journey is characterized by a deep-rooted fascination with transforming two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional sculptures, and a profound understanding of art's role in occupying space.

Born under the expansive skies of Tuscany in 1971, Antonio was immediately steeped in the region's rich historical tapestry. His childhood was marked by shared excursions with his father to various museums, monuments, and archaeological sites across Europe, igniting a lifelong quest to unravel the essence of art. This quest involved countless hours delving into the meaning and beauty of art. Antonio firmly believes that "art exists to be shared; it is for everyone. You cannot ever really own art because it is never just yours alone…"— a philosophy that has guided his creative path.

Influenced by the Renaissance artists of Florence, Rome, and Milan, Antonio prides himself on giving life and dimension to simple lines, transforming flat surfaces into vibrant, three-dimensional spaces. His artistic journey took a new turn in Milan in 1990, where he ventured into artistic drawing and led a production and design team. This experience not only honed his skills in contemporary materials but also deepened his understanding of Italian fashion design.

Between 2001 and 2003, Antonio's quest for artistic refinement led him to Florence. There, he expanded his expertise in bronze and ceramic sculpture and traditional techniques. He also delved into the study of ancient civilizations and the artistic revolution of the Renaissance.

In 2004, Antonio relocated to London, where he spent 15 years immersing himself in the city's historical and artistic milieu. It was in London that his concept of "structuralart" flourished, integrating art at a structural level in architectural projects worldwide.

Today, Antonio resides in Dubai, a city where the remnants of ancient civilizations coexist with ultra-modern architectural marvels. This unique juxtaposition inspires his ongoing journey, allowing him to weave together threads of history, archaeology, artistic research, and the development of art pieces. In Dubai's evolving landscape, Antonio continues to explore the dynamic interplay between public and private urban spaces, constantly inspired by one of the world's most distinctive skylines and a city still in the process of discovering its own history.

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