Pictures by Nick Verhaeghe
Galerie Sept proudly presents "Ridge Lines" a milestone solo exhibition by Lee Hyun Joung, marking a significant chapter in both our gallery's history and our enduring collaboration with the artist since our inception in 2018.
How would you describe your creative practice? Is it meticulous and planned out, or more organic and intuitive?

My creative process is fundamentally intuitive and organic. While I value the traditional techniques and principles I’ve been taught, my actual creation unfolds in the moment...

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In Ridge Lines, Lee Hyun Joung navigates along the roving meeting point of two adjoining bodies. The artist melds the artistic and aesthetic traditions of her native Korea with those of her adopted home in Paris, rendering intricately bisected landscapes where the two converge...

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Boundlessness, endlessness in its various forms with Katrin Fridriks, Gil Bruvel, Gregory Watin, Antonio Signorini, Lee Hyun Joung, Daniele Basso, Rogelio Manzo, Stevens Dossou-Yovo, Nikodem Szpunar and Geronimo aka Jumping Bull.


Founded in 2018 by Florian Araïb in the art center of the European Capital, the Sablon.
Galerie Sept offers its clients an eclectic collection of rare and unique works by rising and acclaimed artists such as Hiro Ando, Rogelio Manzo, Lee Hyun-Joung, Manu Muñoz and many more.

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