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Spotlight: Spanish Artist Manu Muñoz Creates Teeming Scenes Presided Over By Resplendent Tropical Birds
Manu Muñoz (b. 1977) grew up in the small village of Cabo de Gata in southeastern Spain. In that secluded, coastal environment, the artist began making his first murals and graffiti works in 1990 while just a teenager....

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Rich Linework in Black Ink Composes Meditative Mounds and Ridges in Lee Hyun-Joung’s Paintings
Artist Lee Hyun-Joung likens her meditative renderings to pathways that prompt the eye to travel along each line. Working with Korean ink and traditional pigments on handmade Hanji paper....

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Spotlight: South Korean Artist Lee Hyun-Joung Conjures Nature and Her Own Past With Ink and Paper Creations
About the Artist: South Korean artist Hyun Joung Lee’s mixed-media practice draws on deeply personal childhood memories. The artist works with traditional Korean materials which she innovates in new and exciting ways, mixing together Korean black ink, traditional pigments, and handmade hanji paper...

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La Galerie Sept ouvre sa deuxième galerie, à Knokke.
Après avoir célébré leurs 2e et 3e anniversaires en confinement à cause de la pandémie, la Galerie Sept est fier aujourd’hui de célébrer son 4e anniversaire avec l’ouverture d’un nouvel espace de galerie à Knokke, sur le bord de mer belge...

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