Aya Toshikawa

japanese, b. 1979 in Kobe, Japan I based in Tokyo, Japan
White marble carved

Aya Toshikawa

japanese, b. 1979 in Kobe, Japan I based in Tokyo, Japan
White marble carved

Aya Toshikawa, also known as Lady Kawai, born in 1979 in Kobe, Japan, has integrated animation into the world of fine arts.

The Japanese artist is known for depicting beautiful manga characters, lascivious girls and other provocative subjects that seduce the viewer's imagination.
Originating as a distinctly Japanese cultural trend, the concept soon evolved into the world-wide phenomenon it is today, spreading through many aspects of modern of life, including art.

a safe bet, a great investment.

Being part of sales in major auction houses such as Christies, Cornette de Saint Cyr, Drouot or Artcurial
With results between +27% and +255% above the mid-estimate prices, Aya Toshikawa is an artist to follow closely and a must if you’re a collector.
The success of Japanese art at auction in 2020, it is undeniable that the market is now far exceeding that estimate.

Shuya5, estimated between 55 000€ and 65 000€, was sold at 76 000€.

noble materials

Very popular both in Japan and in the rest of the world, manga, the Japanese comics, have they own recognizable style. Although each manga artist’s technique is distinct and unique, the common feature is the large eyes and long hair. Toshikawa’s girls have attractive faces and great bodies emphasized with their minimalistic clothes.
Toshikawa's innovative style stands out by reimagining one of japans most famous manga figure with new materials.

Both sculptures are made of white marble carved.

Copyright Sébastien François

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