Ivan Lardschneider

italian, b. 1976, Bozen , Italy I based in Bozen , Italy

In everyday life, people often find themselves filling and playing roles. Roles that change over time, encounters, situations and moods. Modern society is increasingly made up of watertight compartments that have the function of grouping our roles into preconceived and stereotypical classifications. folds of these distressing issues that the artistic research of Ivan Lardschneider emerges massively for the meaning and the great evocative capacity, capable of involving us and hypnotizing us with his almost sarcastic lucidity.

He knew, as shortly before him, how to interpret effectively and admirably the fears and weaknesses of human beings, translating them into a new sculptural language capable of giving new life to wood sculpture. Its modernity lies in a perfect union between a strong message and the tangible signs of it on our minds and on our behavior.

It is legitimate to wonder, at this stage, if it is society that shapes people and not the other way around (?). This is an interesting aspect on which the work of Ivan Lardschneider manages to place the emphasis with great ease, inviting, or rather sometimes forcing, the viewer to stop before this question, as if to lead us in some way. to self-criticism. The lightness of his sculptures is therefore only apparent, and hides a playful tragic question among the folds of the wood: "Who have we really become?"

True works of art that clearly refer to certain stylistic simplifications of Pop Art, but at the same time breathe tradition and old folk wisdom. Perhaps it is this combination that leaves an inevitable mark in the hearts of those who stop and admire them ... love at first sight, a modernity wisely mixed with past experience, a neo-classical pop that enchants ...

It is precisely the sense of material disappointment that is each viewer's first natural approach to their works, which is then replaced by suggestion and identification for those surreal and improbable figures with elongated necks, heads and limbs. magnified and huge. It almost seems like putting the accent on a part of our body that we know made us feel its bulky presence in detailed and unforgettable moments of our life: a head to think, to feel, to suffer, to understand ,... Images of men and women perpetually "worried" and with the constant perception of a lump in the throat ...

The not easy link between originality and recognizability is often the main cause of an artist's success. Lardschneider is therefore on the “right track”, in the material and metaphorical sense of the term, leaving an indelible mark of his time with art connoisseurs, collectors, gallery owners and curators across Europe.

The obvious technico-conceptual mastery that makes Ivan Lardschneider a true out-of-class on the art scene.

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