Johann Alexis

1974 - Berlin / Baden-Baden, Germany

Johann Alexis

1974 - Berlin / Baden-Baden, Germany

Johann Alexis von Haehling's work navigates the profound intersections of art, philosophy, and environmental action. Deeply engaged with the core aspects of human existence—consciousness, body, and soul—his art prompts reflection on our societal roles and environmental impacts. Through questioning our origins, our current state, and our potential to regain harmony with the earth's systems, von Haehling positions his work at the forefront of meaningful artistic discourse. His artistic practice is enriched by his extensive experience as a curator for international private and public institutions since 2001, which has profoundly influenced his approach to art.

As founder of the Arts & Nature Social Club, he brings together scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs to drive societal transformation inspired by the concept of social sculpture, a theory developed by Joseph Beuys that highlights the transformative potential of art in society. His collaboration with influential figures such as Hermann Nitsch, Julian Schnabel, Aaron Rose, Friederike Reveman, Johnny Abrahams, and Stefan Strumbel has further shaped his artistic vision, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas that permeates his work.

Von Haehling's abstract paintings are distinguished by their minimalist aesthetic, utilizing a palette of subdued colors and simple forms that invite meditation and introspection. These pieces are not merely to be viewed but are designed as spaces for intellectual and spiritual engagement, reflecting on how simplicity and fluidity can influence our lives and foster a globally harmonious existence.

Among his recent works, "Universal Rocks II" and "Universal Rocks III" exemplify his approach, incorporating a blend of pigment and resin on raw canvas, with mamba black adding depth and complexity. "Black Dune I" and "Black Dune II" mirror this thematic concern, similarly employing oak shadow frames that enhance their visual impact and underscore the thematic depth.

In his sculptural explorations, "The Voids II" and "The Voids Uplifted I" showcase von Haehling's commitment to material diversity and complexity. These pieces combine elements like concrete, metal, plexiglas, aluminum, and mamba black, crafted into intricate structures that challenge viewers to reconsider both the physical and metaphorical spaces they inhabit.

Each artwork by Johann Alexis von Haehling offers a unique perspective on the state of our world and our role within it, serving as more than mere artistic expressions—they are calls to engage in a broader dialogue about sustainability, identity, and the future of humanity.

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