Stephane Braud

french, b. 1955, Libourne, France I based in Marrakech, Morocco

Stéphane Braud, born in Libourne in 1955, is today considered one of the greatest underwater painters in the world. He is also nicknamed the "sinner of blue".

Self-taught, Stéphane Braud began painting at the age of 19 and traveled to Norway, Germany and Tunisia, where he found his inspiration. His preferred technique is then watercolor on the spot.

Since 1974, he has traveled across Africa. It took him more than 20 years of research to finally restore on his paintings, the atmosphere of the Maghreb.  A walk through a beautiful alleyway full of colors in the medina of Marrakesh, Morocco brought him the inspiration for this latest concept.
Unique, his pots are of a sensitive realism and incomparable depth.

Make it your own

Today, living in Marrakech, he exhibits his works all over the world.

The French artist presents unique works on metal composed of acrylic and natural pigments. His paintings give his universe a raw realism with living colors. It is a hypnotic invitation to come and look at an unvarnished material.

Stéphane Braud has created an original concept of composition of several works of identical dimensions (35 × 35 cm) forming a single wall panel to present in your home according to the space you desire.

You can create your own composition by mixing the works of your choice in an infinite way.

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