Galerie Sept is proud to present a unique exhibition that celebrates the profoundconnection among six exceptional artists: Lee Hyun Joung, Stevens Dossou-Yovo, Katrin Fridriks, Nikodem Szpunar, Rogelio Manzo and Antonio Signorini. Each bringing their own vision and language to contemporary art.

From abstract landscapes evoking the mysteries of nature to poignant portraitsexploring the complexity of human identity, each work is imbued with emotional depthand philosophical reflection that captivates and inspires the viewer. Despite apparentdifferences in their styles and influences, these artists share a universal language ofart, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers to communicate fundamental truthsabout the human experience.

Lee Hyun Joung

Lee Hyun Joung, whose work brilliantly bridges the rich heritage of her South Korean roots with theexpansive realm of modern artistic expression.

Stevens Dossou-Yovo

"From my earliest creations, I sought a unique perspective on reality with the intention of revealing a fantastical universe.A fascination for science and technology is a source of inspiration. For my perspective sculptures, I use descriptive geometry as a language that allows representing in space the relativity of the viewpoint itself."

Katrin Fridriks

Katrin Fridriks is an abstract painter who explores speed, gravity and the interactions of human beings with the forces of nature. Fridriks artistic work focuses on the exploration of natural phenomena and the limits of human dexterity.

Nikodem Szpunar

Nikodem Szpunar (Born in 1988 in Rzeswów, Poland) – designer, graduate of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, studied also at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. He designs furniture and interior design items for both industrial and short-series production. In addition to cooperation with the industry, he creates paintings made with his own technique.

Rogelio Manzo

For Rogelio Manzo, the practice of portraiture is more than a way to capture a likeness. His darkly compelling images of the human figure reflect a blend of cultural influences -as well as an underlying concern with the fragility of life.

Antonio Signorini

Antonio Signorini's artistic journey is characterized by a deep-rooted fascination with transforming two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional sculptures, and a profound understanding of art's role in occupying space.
'Dialogues in Abstraction' celebrates each artist's dedication to their craft, showcasing their efforts toharmoniously balance abstract art elements. The exhibition is a tribute to the varied influences that shapethese artists' visions, exploring common themes like environmental consciousness, the intricacies of artisticgestures, and the depth of personal expression.

This exhibition promises a rich and engaging artistic experience, revealing the profound connections andmotivations that unite these artists. It invites audiences to delve into the world of contemporaryabstraction, fostering meaningful discussions and acknowledging the role of creativity in transcendingcultural barriers.

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