Jeff Robb



I’m continually inspired by the nude female form. It’s something that has, of course been worked on by artists through the ages, but the countless permutations of body/composition, facial expression and light (after you strip away clothing) provide a both a technical challenge and fascinating problem for me to solve. I’m also inspired by the medium in which I work; Lenticular Photography. It’s a complicated, expensive process but it’s one that captures the world and its subjects in a strange, wonderful blend of photography and sculpture. If everyone looking at my work was, even for an instant, transported into a liminal state, a state of in-between-ness, I’d be delighted. Liminality is a special place of temporary disorientation (of one’s sensory threshold). The medium of lenticular photography is perfect for seeding this condition - it is a 2 dimensional print with 3 dimensional illusory properties, so for a short time the audience’s perception of reality is suspended. This period of suspension is, I believe important for our minds to experience, especially when we, in the Western world, generally live in a spiritual vacuum. We need magical inspiration in our lives and I’d like to share a sense of this in my work.
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